We design, develop, and install Integrated services

ElectricityHVACHydraulicRenewable EnergyDomoticsTradingMaintenanceSecurity

Civil construction
Public works

We are a company with over 20 years of experience in the various areas of civil construction and public works, in which we follow the demands of the market betting on competitiveness.


Sustainable mobility is a fundamental requirement for urban development. Thus, we are able to offer a wide range of integrated urban transport, intercity transport and logistics mobility solutions.

Electrical installation
Low voltage
Medium voltage

We provide low and medium voltage installations and industrial automation. We analyze power quality in all areas that have extensive use of electric machines, industrial type lighting among many different electrical equipment.

Air Conditioning

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning that allow to control the minimum values of temperature and maximum relative humidity and already the quality of indoor air. The systems may be of various types, which use water or air as a secondary thermal fluid and the use of different primary fluids or refrigerants.

Fire network
Water supply
Sewer network ETA

Water and sewer networks; Sanitary ware; Application of insulation in ceilings; Aspiration and central heating; Automatic irrigation systems; Feed pumps, drainage and fire; Swimming pools, sauna, Turkish bath and jacuzzi.

Renewable Energy
Solar panels

We are responsible for the marketing and installation of equipment to support renewable energy such as solar panels, wind, and others.


Domotics aims to simplify our daily lives so that routine, boring tasks are done automatically. We also provide the necessary technology for installation of Home Cinema.

Import and Export

The needs of growth and the quick response to market requirements require a control policy for purchases and sales for our customers to secure and facilitate the best possible service in markets where the rules and operation differ from country to country.

That is why the company has developed this activity in order to guarantee the delivery of service from initial price consultation to the final delivery of the product at destination.

DG Tool

DG TOOL is a department that operates transversely in the maintenance area in all companies of the DG Group. The concept behind the creation of this department is to ensure preventive and corrective maintenance of buildings in 3 areas of DG Group’s operations (HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical). This department provides a range of after sales services in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the installations and the continued satisfaction of its customers.

The administrative, commercial and financial business is guaranteed by the Holding where the ability and professionalism has been proved over the last years. Regarding technical and production management they are ensured by the production of the DG Group local businesses, whose maintenance procedures are performed by qualified technicians and trained by the brands.


We provide the commercialization and installa-tion of Closed Circuit Televisions as security sup-ports: a necessity for comfort.