Dynamic and Dedicated are two principles that DG Group has in its structure and help us to face the present and future.


The DG Group has a solid strategic vision in knowledge and experience in the international markets, which leads us to recognize the trends and the development of the industry, the investment in profitable segments of businesses and thus achieve a sustainable growth. The holding company supports its consolidated subsidiaries with financing, business management and operational control of their activities.

In the DG Group the principles are strategic thinking and passionate execution, and the objectives focus on calculable results and prudence when we guide our business.

Our more than 20 years of experience in international markets give us the independence and confidence to build in Portugal, Colombia, Angola, United Arab Emirates, United States, Guinea Conakry, Mozambique and Morocco a sustainable success in every business for our clients.

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PT – 2017/CEP.5387


Integrated services

Activity Areas:ElectricityHVACHydraulicRenewable EnergyDomoticsTradingMaintenanceSecurityConstruction
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Some of our projects


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The importance of sustainable energy infrastructure and cities


The urban sustainability is one of the most critical global issues of today. It is essential to make the cities most efficient and clean so that we live and provide a better future for our planet.

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Human Ressources

Accurately managing and providing personal and professional
development of its human resources are the vectors that we continue to develop in order to achieve the strategic objectives. Using the most advanced techniques and management tools allow us to achieve an effective increase in competitiveness and ensure a safe progression.

In a context of growth, diversification and a strong internationalization of our activities, we seek to attract, identify and select the best human resources, expanding our recruitment sources and providing a set of employment opportunities in multiple geographies and functional domains.

Higher Education
Primary School
Secondary School

Investment in continuous training.

Today we are liable to permanent changes, the technology and working methods are constantly changing. The only aspect that makes a leader, the only one able to make the difference, are the people. We are conscious of the strategic weight of human resources. The management of Human Resources is therefore an active part in company decisions.

Continuous training on SHHW and Quality assume a strong component in our organization, not forgetting the constant updates in IT and construction techniques.

In this theme we know this is the best way to respond to our needs in order to improve the efficiency and performance of our employees.

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Active search for alternative energy solution & The importance of good habits

The world has changed dramatically over the past 200 years, thanks largely to fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas. These provided us with cheap and convenient energy that we use to heat and cool our homesand run our cars, appliances and industries.

But there has been a cost. No city in the world is immune to the effects of polluting fossil fuels, and contribute vast amounts of gases into the atmosphere, which many scientists believe to cause global warming.

In the past decades scientists have been looking for ways to produce energy without adverse side effects. Promising renewable energy sources such as wind, sunlight and biomass are discussed among other new alternatives. It may pass a few years before these energy sources have a big impact, but they illustrate the diversity of options that are available.

With that goal in mind and aware of the consequences of what we can leave to future generations that we operate continuously in the search and transmission of information on alternative solutions.

Good habits start at home, it only takes a family or community to make a difference. For most people show no interest in what you’re doing, is to repair and learn from you, sooner or later they will pass your habits, and make the difference.

Start by separating recyclables such as plastic, paper, glass and metal, you’ll see that then you will be making a habit, it costs a few seconds of your life and give many years to our environment.

01. Reduce: reducing the amount of residual waste we produce is essential. Consumers should adopt habits to purchase products that are reusable.

02. Reuse: use several times the same package, with a little imagination and creativity can take advantage of leftover material for other functions.

03. Recycle: transforming the residual waste in raw materials or new products is a benefit for both the environment and energetic levels.

We are present in 6 countries and 4 continents.
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Quartier Hassan – Rabat
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nº 1686/09 Viana – Luanda
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