Fauna and Flora Hospital in Colombia

Grupo DG performs special hospital facilities in Colombia

The DG Group was selected to carry out the Special Installations for the Centro de Rehabilitacion de Flora y Fauna Silvestre in Bogotá, Colombia, a 1.5M project€ in special facilities. This one it’s a project unique in the country. It brings together in a single space endangered species in air-conditioned spaces with hydraulic underfloor heating in an attempt to fully reproduce the environments where these animals usually live. Using clean energy and sophisticated systems, Engineering’s challenge will be to create a sustainable space where the ideal thermal and hygrometric conditions of an ecosystem are reproduced.

According to Jorge Gonçalves, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Grupo DG, this project marks the beginning, in Colombia, of a Core business area of ​​the group where we have a strong experience and is the recognition of the technical experience acquired throughout the value chain since from project to execution, using the latest technologies and renewable energies.

Jorge Gonçalves highlights the contribution of this project to the DG Group’s affirmation in this country “In Colombia we took a singular approach to the market, starting with Solar and with sustainable energy projects that add value, developing solutions together with the Government of Colombia and legislation in this regard and we are currently in projects that are our core and in which we have recognized know-how”.

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