Casa Quinta dos Sete Castelos gains new life.

The Casa dos Quinta dos Sete Castelos, located in Santo Amaro de Oeiras, will be rehabilitated and restored in 2021. The contract, under the responsibility of the DG / Signinum Group Consortium, involves the restoration of a vast architectural heritage, respecting its original characteristics. The building will be transformed into a residence for scientists, who are developing their activity in Research Institutes in the municipality of Oeiras.

The start of the contract is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021, with an execution period of 365 days.


In this project, the most significant elements of the building will be preserved, namely the tile panels, the facades, the iron guards, the skylight, among other decorative and structural elements. It is also planned to build adjacent to the building (greenhouse) which will have a new roof, and special attention will be paid to the thorough restoration of the fountain.

In this building, the tiles existing inside and outside the chapel, coming from the “Viúva de Lamego” factory, deserve special attention. Designed by the artist João Alves de Sá, they will be restored by specialized technicians and the concept is based on the creation of a relationship between the iconography and the visual junction of the set.

This project also aims to create synergies between the forms already inherited from the building’s history, with contemporary uses and ways of life, thus creating conditions for habitability and offering the current levels of comfort required, preserving the geometry and morphology of the existing building.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DG Group, Jorge Gonçalves, stresses the importance and significance of this project, for the history it contains, for the preservation of its identity and also for the appreciation that this emblematic work will have in the specific know-how with the teams directly involved in the execution. He also mentions the importance of the new partnership with Signinum, a company specialized in the area of ​​conservation and restoration, which will provide new projects in the requalification of historic and high-heritage buildings, as stated by Jorge Gonçalves “it will be a lasting partnership and it will certainly go create strong synergies ”.

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